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Submitted on
November 24, 2012


  • Mood: Rant
  • Listening to: All That Remains - What If I Was Nothing
  • Reading: Toast Driver II Revengeance
  • Watching: Women...LOTS of WOMEN or just you? ;)?
  • Playing: yo toaster son
  • Eating: Portion Distortion is the only way to label it.
  • Drinking: Some good Ol' fashioned Cola
I have no idea what is wrong with the way that I  portray my character. That could be the very thing that impairs my social life at seismic scales. It is unrelenting, unbearable, and has a bad hair-cut. I change my style; and I just got three people who are just fawning over my clothes. The girls who like me either start to like me or to switch disposition towards me, due to my philosophical beliefs. Oh, I had no idea that building your own character was a terrible act society. Sorry?
Also, Happy late Thanksgiving.

I also have no idea how many note cards I need to finish this Junior assignment. Could some one be a doll, and tell me? Please? It is coming from my little black heart. :D

School, angst, and minicombat

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